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Is anyone familiar with this board enough to help me?
I want to record 16 tracks out from the balanced XLR outs.
1-8 are "GROUP O/Ps" and 9-16 are "TAPE O/Ps", but they're paralleled.
I know how to route 8 mic inputs to groups 1-8. Is there a way to simultaneously route another 8 to the "TAPE O/Ps" 9-16? Or do they always carry what has been routed to the Groups 1-8?
Why is this that way? Why two sets of the same 8 outputs?
I was hoping to avoid the unbalanced channel "LINE OUTS" as I prefer gain staging possibilities with the groups.



Boswell Mon, 05/08/2017 - 07:49

Sorry you haven't had any replies up till now to your thread. When you first posted, I did a web scan for a block diagram of the 600 series, but I didn't find one. There was only a descriptive manual with the aspect you are talking about not fully explained.

Is there a block diagram of the routing of the master and aux sections in any of the documentation that you have? If so, could you either post a link to where it might be found on the web, or else scan your copy and post it somewhere we could access?


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