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Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK

While surfing the web on music shops, my eye felt on a Soundcraft Signature MTK22. A nice console, with limiters on the first 8 channels, sort of flipswitches between analoque inputs and usb inputs. The latter come from your DAW of choice, nice eq dual engine Lexicon FX's and so on. Of course 100mm faders, 4 subs and ready to rock for analog style mixing of smaller projects.

Soundcraft 200B preamp modifications

Hello all,

I have recently acquired a 24CH, 200B, with the two sweeping mid EQ's.(for $300 I got the mixer and a bunch of other gear). There is no hum in the power supply or the board, no scratchy pots or sliders, and everything seems to work well. I want to use it for recording, using a line off the INSERT jack to LINE IN on my converter.

I have 4 specific questions.

Replacing a 10 year old Soundcraft

We have been using a Soundcraft K2/40 for a little over ten years. It is time for a change as the board is malfunctioning. We plan to stay analog with the next board because it fits our needs and the pricing is in our budget. We have been looking at the Soundcraft GB8/40, the Allen & Heath GL3800/40 and the Crest Audio HP8/40.

Spirit SX TO Delta 66 To PC.

I am looking for some expert thoughts on this one please ;-)

I am using Sonar x1 which I love by the way! and my inputs and outputs are going through a noisy soundcraft spirit sx desk-have cleaned inside but ready for the tip I think!

I am really fed up with the crackling and having to keep moving sliders back and fore to get rid of the noise!

Have Soundcraft Ghost 24 with Automation section. Is this feature good for anything?


As explained, I have a nice clean Soundcraft Ghost 24 with Meter Bridge, and that old Transport Automation Section. It uses MMC Midi Machine Control to control any recorder so equipped. It also has automated channel mute, if I remember correctly.

It's been in a box in storage since 2000, so forgive any errors in memory.


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