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MechaN Fri, 05/10/2019 - 00:23

paulears, post: 460981, member: 47782 wrote: Well, the chords you can see are not the chords you hear when you click play. If you DID play the chords as displayed you will sound totally and utterly unlike the original. The missing notes are c critical to the feel. Otherwise you get F, A, C and Dm - which in those fret positions are dull, dull, dull.

I found it Pretty decent to be honest! In some songs, It may get a little off tune, But I found it more productive and efficient in comparison to the other websites!

paulears Fri, 05/10/2019 - 01:40

Sorry - anyone who plays those chords won't need to worry about copyright, because the song has 6ths, minor 7ths and Major 7ths, so won't infringe anything! The idea anyone would play A Major as the second chord is just plain crazy. In fairness, other songs are more accurate transcriptions - although it really struggles with fast changing chords, and anyone trying to follow what's on screen would have a hard time. Pretty rubbish really - the people who use these sites are usually beginners, and I can see many giving up. A few pages also crashed, or displayed nothing. In looking at others, many are better.


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