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Advice for Zoom call music lesson setup

We give music lessons via Zoom calls and achieve good quality sound by using a mixer as the "microphone" in Zoom.
One of our students wants to have the same setup, however, I've hit a snag in my mind for what to tell him. The three components are microphone, guitar, and backing track. All three go into the mixer, and then we USB out from the mixer to the computer and use that as the microphone in the Zoom settings. Simple.

The problem comes in with the backing track. We use a software program called Band in a Box, and we play the backing track from a separate laptop. So the audio out from that laptop goes to our mixer. The audio out from the computer where the zoom call is running, goes to speakers for the teacher to hear the student on the other end of the call.

So the problem in my mind currently, is how does the student achieve the same end result with only one computer? In other words, the audio out from his computer would need to carry both the audio from band in a box, and the audio from the other end of the Zoom call. This particular student is located in Europe; I can figure out what mixer to recommend to him, but is there any type of device that would address the audio out problem? Maybe I'm missing something obvious... Thanks for any suggestions.

Why should musicians care about video?

Here is a link to teaser for a mini documentary that I finished for a client (The town where I live and run my business in). I'll share the full mini-doc when it is released Tuesday. There were several audio challenges. The mini-doc gave three musicians employment and my consulting company work. I will be making about 50 mini documentaries this year and the musicians I work with will get a ton of work from it. Companies, governments and non profits all need to tell their stories. Musicians help tell the story.

I'd love to know what you guys think. These documentaries happen really fast. about 25hours each including creating, recording, mixing music. The music portion is about 4 hours. We record several songs at once, mix them all at the same time ITB. It's not how I make records and limiters get abused but the job gets done.

Help - All my music on all outlets has been removed?

I'm going mad - I've loads of music on all the streaming and sales platforms - or at least, had until today. Suddenly every single one - my original compositions and recordings plus licences covers have all just vanished. Distrokids has none - one single waiting for release and everything has gone - Spotify yesterday had them all, today, all gone. All Youtube tracks gone - tried the other platforms and exactly the same - every single trace of me has just vanished. Has anyone had this before? Even worse I was waiting for a large royalty payment too - but everything has been zeroed. Distrokids have not replied and I have no idea what has happened? Any suggestions - being kicked out of every organisation hurts, and worse, how the hell to you get things put back? I've paid for every release too - I'm feeling pretty miffed, but also upset that somebody just pushed the off switch!

Music for Video - re-edits

Another lock down project, but one I've wanted to try for a while.

As we do video and audio work, the music we produce usually fits to the edited video - and we produce it watching the video. Just after Christmas, a client needed a re-edit, trimming some parts from the video that featured a product he no longer manages. This was annoying because the scene was around 30 secs too short for the video. Luckily, the music was more atmospheric and it wasn't too tricky to cut down, but it made me think how you'd manage if the music wasn't editable like this.

Having nothing to do - I took a clip I found on the internet from an old movie favourite with a theme in the audio. Blade Runner from the 80s - music by Vangelis. I imagined I needed to do one of those edits to reduce violence, and remove a tiny bit that was an issue. I figured in this clip the girl plays the piano, with visible sheet music. In my head I made the music a copyright issue, so that component had to go - so I made cuts and reassembled it. In the original there's a more angry centre section which had to remain. The plan therefore was to re-record the piece, making a few cuts and tweaks to get the thing to fit, but remain clearly the same piece of music.

What do you think? Good for practice I think.

Lockdown Music No. 2 = Careless Whisper

I figured Careless Whisper would be a good song to re-record, and I discovered the original George Michael isolated vocal track on the net, so there are two versions - the track, followed by George Michael's lyrics on the top!

Despite trying hard, I've got a couple of sync issues, and one clip is mistakenly the second time version, but in the first time location so there's a note wrong! No matter how hard you try to spot these late at night, I still missed them until watching it back - never mind. I'll try harder next time.

Not sure what's next - I wanted to do Billy Joel - but will have to re-learn the sax part because in my head I learned it in the wrong key! Trying to think of other songs I can do with similar instrumentation. I guess Baker Street could be a good one - can anyone think of a well known tenor sax song? That would be nice.

New Studio Build for Non-Profit Music Education Program

Hi All! Thanks for being here, thanks for having me and thanks for taking a look at this.

I'm working on starting a music education project here in Athens GA and I'm building out a studio for it.
(you can find more details at https://www.thrilla… )

First off I need to say that isolation is not a problem here. Not that there aren't issues, but I can get around them and my neighbors are super cool. Plus the building itself is set way off the road on the end of a dead end street.

I've posted diagrams of the two rooms involved, but for now I'm focusing on the control room (Room B in the diagrams).

I've also posted the SPL results from REW for the room - it's an average of three tests. I'm new to REW and room acoustics, so I'm spending a lot of time in YouTube learning how to read the results. But if any more experienced folks want to give me some tips on how to make the room more neutral and appropriate for mixing/mastering/control that would be greatly appreciated!

You can also download the mdat file for the tests here: https:///… (you might have to right-click and select "save as" to get that to work).

I'm sure I left a lot of stuff out of this but please feel free to unload with any questions you might have!

Thanks again,


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