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My cousin recently got a new system, the old is a dual core "sweet water creation station" the new is just a Mac Pro quad, and UA Apollo quad.

The question is mainly about bit rate and if the raw audio files would just transfer, or if there's a process. I know so little about CPU stuff that I'm unsure about how os/daw system bit rate effects older files.

any links or facts are greatly appreciated. I have to transfer midi data which is drum sounds, and some guitar solos.

This is just something new I have to do, I'm hoping someone w experience will help me outa this hole. The "new" system is a used CPU but blanked out, so I'm starting this thing from scratch as far as updates and compatibility. I'm comfortable w the os and driver stuff, but when this thing is running, my main concerns are about how to best transfer audio.

thank you all


anonymous Thu, 01/16/2014 - 03:41

I can't see any reason why the midi files wouldn't transfer easily, or even audio for that matter. If the individual tracks are stored in common/standard format - .mid or .wav, or any other protocol that PT would recognize, you should be able to import those files without any problems.

Now... as far as transferring an entire project file from an older version of PT to a newer version, you'll need to talk to someone other than me because I haven't been a day to day PT user since Clinton was President. LOL

mberry593 Thu, 01/16/2014 - 10:15

All versions of PT 10 and before are 32 bit. PT 11 is 64 bit. 32 bit PT will run just fine on 64 bit Windows Operating Systems......Macs are another story.....see below. PT 11 will only run on 64 bit Operating Systems.

There are .ptf and .ptx files. These have NOTHING to do with 32 bit/64 bit. PT 10 and below use only .ptf. PT11 can use either .ptf or .ptx. There is no need to change file types unless you need backward compatibility. There is no quality loss in the conversion.

In Windows, you can mostly just forget about the question. Everything works and you don't really need to do any converting. Windows users can stop reading here. Nothing to see, folks, move along.

Unfortunately the same isn't true for Macs.

Mevericks (10.9) is qualified with reservations for Pro Tools 11.03 and above. BUT THE DUAL INSTALL WITH PT 10 WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!


You MUST use Mountain Lion (10.8) to run anything PT10 and below! Early versions of PT11 just don't work properly on anything!

I'm sorry for the bad news. Mavericks is turning out to be a disaster. This seems to be because Apple tried to incorporate some iOS kind of energy-saving items but I'm no Mac expert.....Windows on both of my PT rigs.

Good luck & please don't hesitate to ask for more help if you get in trouble. I'm no Mac expert, but I can direct you to people who are.

kmetal Thu, 01/16/2014 - 18:53

Thanks guys, more questions may be heading your way, but from the replies I'm thinking that os bit rate doesn't have any implications on audio data.

it's gonna be pt 11.3 on the new system, we're gonna stick w avid approved w the hope of having a reliable system this time. The old dual core running pt7.3 is capable machine, but it's flaky which is a software thing to me. So hopefully by using a machine that avid tested to work w it's program w the right os and everything, hopefully it'll just work.

thanks everyone!