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hi, i'm planning on upgrading my interface and was planning on going with apollo 16 but i was reading online the sound quality is not noticeably better and for $3000 i want it to sound better than my firestudio projects.

i use logic and was wondering if maybe going Avid hardware is the way to go?

Avid HD native - $999
Avid 16x16 digital - $1999 - so about the same as the apollo 16.
or Avid 8x8x8 - $3500 - which is a little bit more but if it's worth it i'd do it to have a really good mobile rig.

i will buy upgrading to a new macbook pro 15" when they become available.

if you could get a 16 to 20 track interface what would you get in this price range - $3000 to $5000.


audiokid Sun, 11/13/2016 - 22:10

Welcome to our forum.

I lived just off of Lake Merritt years back, love Oakland.

I don't use Avid, but have used the Apollo 16 (FW). It performed excellent and sounds very good. Plus you have a nice integration with the mixer and UAD plugs. I think it has better resale than Avid as well. Avid goes in the bargain price every 18 months. Something to always consider.

I also use the Orion 32 which sounds comparatively as good as the Apollo 16. The Orion works excellent with the RME PCIe MADI interface. I didn't like the Orion USB speed until I went with PCIe..

Hope that helps.