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grandfather recently died and i ended up with some old school top of the line home audio gear.

really stoked about a sweet sounding pair of b&w speakers, a 50lb. Yamaha turntable and mostly about a "mac 1900" stereo receiver. haven't had much chance to look into the specs on the 1900 but it's solid state with tubes...

anyway, i'm wondering if i can use the Mcintosh1900 Receiver as a preamp of sorts? i'm pretty ignorant about signal levels and am afraid to blow it or my mics but just plugging stuff in and seeing what happens.

can anyone give me some direction on doing this?

thanks in advance.


djmukilteo Sat, 11/13/2010 - 01:44

Gheez I feel old reading this....
It's an AM/FM Stereo receiver....that's what it is and that's what it does (did)!!!
Hookup the turntable and speakers and play some vinyl on it or listen to the radio with it and enjoy it for what it is (was)!
It's not a PA system or a recording's just a fancy iPod from the 70's...and a very nice one in it's day and time!
McIntosh....the "Mac" long before there was Apple!
hell...plug you iPod into one of the line in's on the back if you like and enjoy the sound!....or maybe enjoy some of your grandfather''s real music!!....he did!...LOL

paulears Thu, 11/09/2023 - 12:10

The thing that perked me up was the B&W speakers - they could be real collectors ones if you are lucky. Remember receivers were rarely the best of anything - too full of compromises. Nice, but not special.


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