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hey guys...Im new here...and I have a qustion...Im thinking of buying
a secoundhand pair of Yamaha NS-40 and my speakers right now are the M-AUDIO bx5. my problem with them is that the bass sounds are realy bad and its realy hard to do a good mix with them...Is it wourth it to swhich to the ns40?...what are the advantges and disadvantges of the ns40?...
I just cant find to many pepole who ever heard or used the ns40
thanks a lot...p.s sorry about the bad english I'm not from the U.S

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jonnyc Wed, 04/27/2005 - 15:34

no apology needed english is better than mine and i live in the US. good move to ditch the bx5's they were my first monitor and man i hated them, same as you very crappy low end. i've never heard of the ns-40's, who much US do they cost? i've heard of the legendary ns-10's but i've heard from a lot of pro's they aren't really any good and became popular by legend alone. In fact most guys i talk to won't touch yamaha monitors period. I prefer the asp8's by event they cost around a thousand US a pair 8 inches powered, and beautiful.

jonnyc Wed, 05/04/2005 - 12:33

Like i said if seen a lot of the pro's on the forum I'm more familiar with totally bash any monitors by yamaha. If $350 isn't a huge hit to you i'd say try them out simply because there really isn't much in that price range. But I'd just save a while longer and get something people actually recommend.

anonymous Sun, 09/04/2005 - 06:16


if you have the money to buy them.. do it! if for no other reason than that people who swear by NS-10s (ie. me) cant just go buy parts and the drivers are worth more than the speakers... thier value will only go up.

NS-10s are, as a speaker, pretty shitty. there is no arguing with that. i own a professional recording studio. i only have the best gear on the planet. i have a neve 8016 console and i normally use UREI 809s as my mains. the key with NS-10s is to not expect something that isnt there. dont use them for tracking. please god dont use them for tracking... you wont be able to hear what you are recording. the whole idea of near-field monitoring isnt really awesome anwyay. ask any serious old timer and they didnt have any little monitors on thier consoles. it just became popular cause after the auratones were the IT speaker, people needed something a little more. there are actually volumes written about the whole mains vs near field argument.

what the NS-10 IS great for is BALANCING. youve got to A-B your mix with other speakers, but the NS-10 is the best place to bring it all together. i cant stress this enough... i mix something on the NS-10s, go into the major label presidents office, he puts the CD into his ultra-high end stereo... and it sounds LIKE IT DID IN THE STUDIO. thats all i could ever ask for.

there is a pair of NS-40s for sale down the street from me and im going to buy them tomorrow. dont sleep on this one! there is a reason you see those little white drivers in ever single pro studio in the world. monitoring isnt about FEELING GOOD with the music. its about the cold hard shitty truth. make it sound good on the NS-10s and it will sound good anywhere.

j f k