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Hello folks!

I am about to upgrade the speakers in my studio and I am choosing between the following models, all in the 2.5/3.500 range (in Europe).

I am basically looking for a pair of good, as flat as possible, (trustful) active reference speakers and I am still undecided between:

a pair of Quested S8R (2500,00 Eur), the Event Opals (2700,00 Eur), a pair of Dynaudio BM15, the Genelecs 1032 B (3300,00 Eur) or the Neumann KH 310, the most expensive of the lot at 3400,00 Eur, but also maybe the very best of all these.

Where I live now I can’t listen to the Quested and the Opals (which are my preferred choice at the moment) because the dealers don’t have them in their stores but I can test the Neumanns, the Dynaudio and maybe the Genelecs (I have already used these last).

I know that the Neumann KH 310 are reference (and revered) monitors, and that both the Dynaudio and the Genelecs could be a good choice (I also own the 8010s and, although small, I like them very much). The Opals have awesome reviews, but I know barely nothing about this Quested model in particular. Has anybody tested them?

At the moment I am using a pair of Ks digital coax C5, Focal CMS 40 and a pair of infamous KRK rockit G2 8” (the ones that are going to be replaced) and except for the Focal none of the above satisfies my taste (the KS digital sound harsh to me in the mid-highs and the KRKs are not flat at all).

Do you have any thoughts on these models?
Thanks a lot for your comments, and have a nice day :)