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Im going the DIY route for acoustic room treatment and I want to start with bass traps.

I have the budget but I'm curious which, if any, of these bass trap methods have significantly better low end benefits than the other.

Bass trap styles:

  1. (15" + 8' tall) square superchunk
  2. (15"x15"x21" + 8' tall) triangle soffit bass trap
  3. (6" thick + 8' tall) panel placed 45 degrees on the corner with an airgap.

    Thanks for any advice or insight on this topic I am obviously a newbie at this and I appreciate the help. (y)

    If needed:
    11'x11x'8' room.
    Using Roxul Safe n Sound.
    Not for mixing or anything too serious just a listening room.
    5" Jbl Lsr 305