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hi guys
I'm trying to process my "live" drums so that they sound so tight that they could even be mistaken for drum machine hits. Im using EZ Drummer so they kinda sound "real/live" but i want them to sound extremely tight and pop song-ish. Ive been using compression and gates on them, ive got the kick sounding quite good, but the snare just isn't coming together. any ideas hows i can process them? (compression settings etc, if you think compressor is the way to go) many thanks in advance.

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ouzo77 Sun, 05/03/2009 - 08:58

pull back the room mic fader, add another sample of a dry/processed snare drum and use parallel compression with a medium to slow release. add some smooth room reverb afterwards and you should have a tighter overall sound.
if you have something like a transient modulator (logic has one called enveloper) you can also pull down the decay of the overhead mics for a dryer sound.