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Is there a way i can replace a snare and kick drum with some type of trigger with out having to cut and paste the whole tracks? Some of our live recording sound bad because the snare and kick where miced badly.

I would like to replace the snare and kick with ones from my beta monkeys loops library


RemyRAD Tue, 11/01/2011 - 00:53

There are plenty of ways to do what you need to do. But it also depends on what you've got? Snare and kick on separate tracks? Are they on a singletrack? What software package are you working within? Miked badly? That means you had nothing as good as a couple of SM57's? Nor even a Behringer? And you have a loops library and no software instructions that came with anything? Do your mother and father know what you're doing right now? Just kidding. Of course they don't. Your recordings have to be good enough in order to provide some kind of adequate trigger source. If it has all been ground up together, that's where people spend hours, days, weeks, months perfecting their recordings on their computers. Some of us dig doing drive-through which is sort of like a slam, Bam, thank you ma'am approach but then what you hear is what you get. So recording your stuff is just learning how to play songs properly. I mean there is both software and hardware devices that can do exactly what you want. Provided you don't have total crap with which to work with. I've been known to sit down and manually edit in every single drum hit where I wanted it. Did I still have time to run out and play? Hell no. That took hours for a single song.

You can now go out and play.
Mx. Remy Ann David

assemblethelight Tue, 11/01/2011 - 16:29

Yeah, i have all individual track recorded. Its not all on one track.

All recorded from the Presonus StudioLive board from church.

I have did one mix already that i think is ok. Maybe you can have a hear and give me some pointers.

Link here: [="…

S"]Rise and Sing.wmv - YouTube[/]...The recording i am working on now, i do not like the bass. I might now be mixing it right. Still practicing.

Pointers and wisdom in this area would be appreciated.


RemyRAD Tue, 11/01/2011 - 18:30

Well I am duly impressed and shocked at your modesty. You have made a superb recording. In looking at this from another more organic manner, I'd have to say there is nothing that needs to be replaced. We are just talking about mixing technique here honey. You've done a great job already. Yes, I and am sure many others here would present the mix in quite a different manner. I liked what you did so much, I listened through the complete song. You didn't do anything wrong. But you want the pointers and tips, so here goes...

It's a little too splashy with the cymbals. While you still want the sound of the overheads, this is where a high frequency limiter may be important to utilize. And with most software limiters, you have the ability to set certain parameters for the limiter to work more with at certain frequencies than at others. This would reduce some of the splashy mess and still allow some accentuated meat of the tone of the drums.

The snare sounds well recorded and just needs a little more snap & prominence in the mix. That may be helped by a little compression with some gating. Perhaps a couple DB of some presence boost.

Invert the phase of the bass drum. Suck a little out at 250 Hz. Compression with gating.

You need to make the guitar is wider. So with one in the left, you need some of that through a time delay of a few milliseconds into the right channel. The same for the guitar in the right channel with some delay into the left channel. This creates the HAAS effect. This will help to thicken the guitars, make them more prominent yet providing the center space for the vocalist & solos.

If you want more bass guitar, roll off some low end. Stick a limiter on that. Push up.

I liked it enough to I wouldn't have minded doing a nice analog Mixdown through my NEVE. With utilizing some slight over gaining and its more aggressive sounding equalization, your tracks were made for a NEVE. Your existing tracks sound terrific. It might be worth it for you to look up mixer Mark Williams as I think he is down your way? Give him a call and tell him I sent you. He was booked to engineer a recording a client of mine booked me in my truck for. He loved my NEVE console. At the time, I don't believe he had one of his own but he does now. He commented to me that while he was the tracking engineer for this session, he wasn't the mix engineer for Emmett Swimming. He told me he thought the mix was " too Pro Tooled around with." I thought the mix was cool sounding but I agreed that while being aggressive it had no balls. So while it was recorded upon a vintage Neve, they managed to undo it. And think about it this way also, not to be irreverent or anything, if God had intended for the drum set to sound different, he would have. Don't try to unscrew your perfectly good tracks. God does not want you to uninvent what you and him have already created. You just have to make it heard so that everybody else may hear.

You're doing God's work
Mx. Remy Ann David

assemblethelight Wed, 11/02/2011 - 14:16

I will have to see a video on how to do cymbols, i do no i did a time delay on the cymbals which may be wrong ha.

I also, already did a time delay on the electric guitar. I doubled the tracks. Left i did -3 and right i did 6. It was a muddy guitar sound in which it was miced wrong in my opinion so i cut it back a bit.

i compressed the snare already with a tight gate. I put the reverb before the gate so i would not have that terrible reverb tale i do not like.

I really can not get the kick to punch through the mix at all. I really need to practice that. By phase invert, you mean just hit the phase icon on the track? I use Reaper by the way. i will try the 250K cut.

Amen to your last paragraph ha. I am very particular about natural tone of tracks.

I really interest in how Boyce Avenue records there sets. The mixing is done the way i like. Amazing how a Shure Beta can sound for vocals. I am trying to figure out what preamp he is using. I am on the hunt for a 2 channel nice clean preamp with out any coloration in the tone. I hear the M-Audio DMP3 does a great job.

assemblethelight Wed, 11/02/2011 - 14:22

RemeyRad, check out Boyce Avenue and their live recordings. These guys get more hits on Youtube than anyone else. They have yet to sign a record label, which is very impressive. I just really like their recordings.

Also, the DMP3 may not suit the Tascam US-122mkll USB. I am think of upgrading to the Focusrite Scarlett series because i hear there preamps on these things are great. I want a no frills, no interference interface with clean preamps. The Focusrite and the EM-U seem to get the most praise. Em-U has bad driver issues.