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Replacing T4F with TRS connector-- Pinout questions

I'm doing a little experiment with live-streaming video from a moving car. I'm looking at using this microphone up in the sun visor, and connecting it to this mixer/audio interface [URL=link removed XENYX 302USB which will then be connected to my laptop via usb and narrowcasted to the internet over mobile broadband.

Replacing a 10 year old Soundcraft

We have been using a Soundcraft K2/40 for a little over ten years. It is time for a change as the board is malfunctioning. We plan to stay analog with the next board because it fits our needs and the pricing is in our budget. We have been looking at the Soundcraft GB8/40, the Allen & Heath GL3800/40 and the Crest Audio HP8/40.

replacing drums in in mix, live recording

Is there a way i can replace a snare and kick drum with some type of trigger with out having to cut and paste the whole tracks? Some of our live recording sound bad because the snare and kick where miced badly.

I would like to replace the snare and kick with ones from my beta monkeys loops library

Replacing analog desk - going digital - advice needed

hi folks,

first posting to this forum, so please have patience with me.

I have a 36 channel Angela AMEK analog desk and need to upgrade to a digital solution.

My primary constraints are that this is a teaching facility and therefore need to facilitate both Pro Tools and Logic Studio.

Replacing firewire ports

I messed up my firewire ports on my MOTU 8pre.. I was in a hurry and plugged it in upside down. I'm figuring thats whats wrong with it (it won't switch over to interface mode). Anyway, I took it apart and it looks simple enough to replace them, but I can't find them anywhere. If anyone knows anything of this sort please let me know. Thanks


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