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live recording

Work showcase ; Live recording audio/video with M/S and T47

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8 years 9 months
Hi guys,

We had this category a while back called showcase your work.
It's been a while since I presented a recording on my own and after a while commenting on others, I thought I was due to post something

This has been done with a friend last night. One take voc/guitar live recording with an added back vocal.
Very little mixing done.
I know it's not perfect but it's always fun to hear what you get from a recording setup and not from hours of mixing.
Comments are welcome ! ;)

Details :

Live Recording of Blues Band

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17 years 5 months
Hi all!

I always enjoy reading how people approached recording situations, so I thought I would share my latest here. I don't post much, but I read every day and appreciate all the good ideas and advice I have seen here on the forum over the years.

I recently was hired to do a live recording of a local blues/rock band. The band consists of guitar, bass, and drums, with the bassist and guitarist on vocals. The venue was a typical bar/pub.

Here is the link to a track from the recording:

Live recording, mixed at home

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11 years 10 months
Here's something I'm working on for fun. I'm pretty happy with where the mix is going but certainly open to critique. Used an XLR split from the house mics plus a few mics of my own to my GB2R/HD24 setup.

Mixed and mastered at home on my 5.1 system, though mostly in 2.1 mode.

(Beware the F-bomb at the start if you're at work or whatever.)

Live Recording/Mixing

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I'm new to the forum and to recording in general and I have couple of questions that have been nagging at me for a while. Early next year we are going to be putting on a musical and I would like to record the songs from the soundtrack to sell to the audience. We already have the licesnsening figured out and have permission to do so. As I try to plan ahead I would like to work out the chinks beforehand. So heres what we've got.

The actors will be on stage with wirless headsets (Audio Technicas I believe)

Mic to Mr-8 to PC for live recording?

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7 years 3 months
I need some help and advice on how to get my equipment to work for live recording on my PC.

So, some time ago, a friend of mine gave me his Fostex MR-8HD digital multitracker, Along with a MXL 992 condenser Mic. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to hardware, I'm much more comfortable working with software, which is why I am seeking help.

Rig for Live Recording to Digital / Computer

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7 years 10 months

I am primarily a musician, however I have been running a "Rock Band" after school program which is a lot of fun. I have a lot of experience with Garageband and I know this doesn't get much credit as a program, but I did a lot of recording on it with my friend in the past and I had results I was happy to listen to and continue to enjoy listening to.

Doing a Live Recording, Need Suggestions On Drum Mics

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8 years 8 months
So, Im doing a small live recording in a couple weeks. When I say small, it'll be just drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, and sax. For drums, I have and AKG D112, Shure Beta 57 and Shure 57, Shure SM81, and a BeyerDynamics M 201 TG. The Drum Kit I will be recording will have a kick, snare, hi -hat, 2 toms, and cymbals. Ill be using the D112 on the kick, the beta 57 on snare top, and the sm81 and M 201 TG for overheads.