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i have Yamaha dtx express IV digital drums, and am trying to sync with Samplitude and abbey road 70's drums -vst (konkakt 5)

so i can see that midi information is getting in to Samplitude, but nothing is coming through the drums. the abbey road drums work perfect with ableton/yamaha dtx as far as, - Yamaha snare drum pad matching with abbey road snare, etc...
however! my presonsus 22vsl causes a crackling noise whenever i try to use midi ( i have already called PreSonus techs, gone through all the optimization, etc... still have problems - also, i highly DO NOT recommend the PreSonus 22vsl, but now i'm stuck with it) so, i want to record the drums in Samplitude (there doesn't appear to be any crackling sounds) and import my beats into ableton.

so yea, again to clarify my question - how can i get my yamaha drum pads to match abbey road drums. please note, that hitting any drum pad on my Yamaha dtx does absolutely nothing in abbey road drums, i have mapped out my yamaha dtx in Ableton showing that :
hh open - A#1hh closer - F#1
kick - C1
tom 1 - c2
tom 2 - b1
tom 3 - g1
ride - d#2
snare - d1
side snare - E1
other symbol - C#2 - B2

with the keyboard pulled up under abbey road drums there is nothing being triggered by hitting the pads, though the MIDI light blinks in Samplitude.

please help !

and is there a simpler program or something
i need to record drums!