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Syncing or Synchronization

Syncing a midi track to Pro Tools grid

I have a very technically proficient metal band coming to the studio soon (think the Faceless meets opeth), anyway I just switched from Audition to Pro Tools recently and this band has written all their music into Guitar Pro and can export their songs as midi information from the program, therein lies the question:

Vocals not syncing with the track


Hi everyone. I record my vocals using Cubase on karaoke tracks. What i do is i import the karaoke track track in it and insert another audio track, to record vocals. After the vocals are recorded. I just play both the tracks simaltaneously, this is where the problem arises, the vocals are a bit fast than the actual karaoke track, making it way out of sync.

Pro Tools MIDI I/O isn't syncing up

Hey all,

I'm running Pro Tools HD 2, 7.4. My MIDI I/O has been really finicky as of late and will not sync up when I open Pro Tools. I'm going to head down there soon to try and troubleshoot the damn thing but I thought I'd ask around here first to try and get some idea on where to start or if anyone has any knowledge of this happening to them. Thanks!