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back to basics.. which maximum mix master level?

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Hi friends! In early 90's, referring to 44.1/48k/16 bit masters coming from DAT machines, SVHS ADATs and so, people urged mixing engineers to stay at o db at the louder passes. However, nobody had a real reliable clip counter.

I have lost the number of how many times I received DAT tapes for my junior mastering with up to 64 clips at the left or right or even both channels.

Now we are at 24 bits, 44.1 or maybe 96k/88.2k.
So which is the recommended maximum mix master output we shall ask clients to do their stuff?
I myself mix around -0.2db.

Just to make a research ( evaluation) here I receive 60% of files at 16bit/44.1k audio CDs, 30% at 44.1k/48k/24 bits SD2 and 10% from Mini Disc or DAt tapes.