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Hi folks,

hope you are well.

I finished this track, it's electronic (synthwave?) stuff, self tracked/mixed/mastered. It's mostly analog synthesizers through the following chain:

Synth --> API The Channel Strip --> ELI FATSO --> BURL ADC --> DAW --> UAD plugins (LX 224 for reverbs and L2 for the final master)

Seeking for feedbacks either on tech stuff (mix/master) and song structure.

Thank you in advance,

best always.

Here is the track:


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audiokid Mon, 08/30/2021 - 10:35

Not my style of music here but I appreciate sharing it to the forum.

The individual tracks sound compressed, effecting the dynamics of the overall mix. This style of music can have a lot more life to it but it has to be done in the individual tracks during your creation of the song apposed to compressing in the master bus. You are compressing or pulling out the mids too much, which is a common mistake made when trying to make punchy bass.

Hope this helps and also makes sense for you.