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This one's near and dear: polishing an old song for release - Mix thoughts?

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Hi guys. You've heard this song years ago. We got a pretty clean mix then but I never released the song as it had video game samples in it that I didn't have clearance for. Well I've changed that - stripped them all out and made my own sounds so it's time to get this ready for release after all these years.

Is this rock mix harsh on the ears?

Hi everyone,
We have been mixing this song over and over for the past few months as we cannot seem to get it right. At louder levels it seems to be very harsh. We don’t have any boosting on the master and generally subtle eq moves in the high end. Maybe my ears are overly sensitive but I can’t help but think it sounds harsh in the high mids. I’d say that the instruments contributing are they vocals and cymbals. I’m worried the tracks were recorded with too high gain. Let me know if you agree or disagree and any advice you have so we can get this finished and move on.

How to record and mix vocals in a home studio?

I’m trying to build a pro recording studio I’m a self independent artist that’s trying to build his own pro recording studio at home to be able to record when ever on my on time so I need help from someone to tell me what gear I need looking for a professional setup?plz help this is my lil setup that I’m using for now any suggestions

Scarlett 2nd Gen. 18i20 Scarlett Mix Control

Dear Community,

Using Scarlett Mix Control, am I able to map the first two inputs of an 18i20 to output as STEREO for the monitor and analog outputs 1-8?

I am attempting to create an alternate monitor path for a Digidesign/Avid 003 Factory console. The 003 has two 1/4" jacks for the Alternate CR path, I am hoping to use two 1/4" TRS cables to the Scarlett so it will playback to 5 amps connected to passive speakers.

Signal Flow would look like this:

Avid 003 Alt CR Out (1/4") > Scarlett 18i20 Inputs 1&2 > Scarlett Monitor + Outputs 1-8 > amps

Beginner Acoustic Mix Critique

Hi everyone! I'm a musician hoping to put together a YouTube / stream setup hopefully soon to get some income due to COVID. Problem is, I'm new at mixing & mastering so I really need help in this area.

Is this a good sound and loudness to aI'm for? If not, please let me know where I can improve on! Thanks and very much appreciated!

Song mix please

Ive been practising mixing . Its all in the box . I ve tried to do it instintively and ended up
with 56 plugins lol .
I also experimented with the crushstation, i bought yesterday . I used it on the bass octaver,
and the slide guitar . Im not a slide player so its a bit rough .
We just re wrote the lyrics tonight and Im getting the track ready for new vocals and harmonies on the tag .
Any suggestions would be appreciated so I can improve it when the vocals go on it .Thanks
oops wrong mix . sorry the vocals are too big .

Song Mix - "Spirit" - a secular spiritual stadium rocker

Hey guys - I'd appreciate any feedback on this song and mix - Stadium rock feel-good chorus meets personal introspective in this frozen in time moment...

Guitar solo outro chorus intentionally quotes a wee bit of Blind Melon - lots of guitars and vocal tracks (double and triple tracked) with (hopefully) some really neat sounds. Very straight forward drums and a classic bass track that doesn't step on anything...


Overtime: mix critique

New lead vocalist ... who happens to be my drummer's brother in law - and they're both neighbors of mine ... also laid this vocal down the other night - at the same time he did "Brown Haired Girl".

Apologies in advance for the keyboard sax. It's a concept idea, and we are friends with Chris Beaudry, a Jazz Saxophonist originally out of our town, now playing with the Jazz greats in NYC. I'm his mom's insurance agent.

Ten Years Gone - Mix advice

I recorded another Zeppelin N4N cover with a guest vocalist - this time Ten Years Gone. This track is all me except the vocals - drums are hand programmed note by note in Superior Drummer 3 for ref. I'm trying to match (and improve) on the Zeppelin mix - Mine's a little brighter probably and lacking the warmth but it's a fairly dynamic song with lots of complexity - so perfect for mix practicing.

Is there anything immediate and obvious here that jumps out? Anything obviously egregious or telling? I'll spend the next 4 or 5 refining this and would love some feedback.



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