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Acoustik Musik Ltd


Acoustik Musik Ltd.

Acoustik Musik, Ltd. prides itself on client service. Our clients have told us how important it is to communicate with us from the start of the project through to its completion. We have been in business since 1995, and have worked with major labels and artists as well as developing artists and privately funded projects. Our dedicated mastering studio and our 50+ years of professional audio experience ensure your music receives the attention and care it deserves.

The future for the Mix and Mastering engineer.

Hi Chris and friends, many thanks for the welcome.

I am based in London Uk and currently studying an MA in Record Production so thought I would join to see if I can get any info for my final project as well as any other pro tips. I am not a young student, at 46 I make my living as a professional guitarist, teaching and playing, but I also do sound engineering for performances, recording and some mixing using Pro Tools and Logic.

A Cool Interview with Bob Olhsson

Hi gang :)
I found a very cool interview with Bob Olhsson on YouTube, where he talks about ALL kinds of interesting things. Things like EMT Plate Reverb, Chamber, (both of which at the time were known as "echo", not "reverb"!)
He also talks about things like the acoustics of the room; before Motown had their studio, it was a photography studio, and they had installed a soft pine floor so that they could nail gear down, (like camera tripods and such) and as it turned out, the soft pine floor ended up being a great thing acoustically for the recording studio. :)

Mastering engineer said 16 bit wav file will be too loud?


Ok im. confused...
My mastering engineer sent me a 16 bit wav file...I sent this to CDbaby for distribution. CD baby ask for a 16 bit wav file and no other format.
In conversation with the mastering engineer over Facebook chat.
He has said that i shouldn't of sent the 16 bit wav file out for digital release because it was meant for audio CD replication and will be too loud.

I'm really confused because i thought there was no difference in the 16 bit wav file whether it be for replication or to be converted/encoded by music stores to mp3?

The death of the Mastering Engineer


Am I sarcastic or for real? Well, I'm definitely really bent out of shape and wondering where all you Mastering Engineers are headed after the last post about how you all think gear doesn't matter.
So, this post is intended to create a ruckus and kick a few of you into gear lol!

Why would I pay for your Mastering service when a kid with perfect hearing ( better than mine) can do this for $10 bucks a song on some laptop and a digital limiter?


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