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Neve 1073 vs ISA/trident

Hey yall. Im trying to narrow down what makes sense for a channel strip for general purpose usage. Vocals, voice over, acoustic and electric guitar, and ambient mic.

The Neve 1073 pre/eq and the Focusrite isa 2 with the trident 80b 500 series eq, both have my interest. They are similarly priced, with the isa/80b being a stereo setup, Neve would be mono.

Stereo vs Mono Di ? Stereo bleeding ?

Hi gang,
I'm looking to step up the quality of Di I own and since like always I don't want to spend too much. I'm thinking of buying a stereo DI instead of 2 mono.
This could be the one I choose : Radial ProD2 Passive 2 Channel Direct Box
My concern is, could there be bleeding between the channels if I put 2 completely different sources instead of a stereo source ?

Lynx e22/e44 PCIe converters?

Hey I've been endlessly searching for quite some time thru a plethora of interfaces and converters and various connection options. I'm building a decent daw PC so I'm limited in PCIe slots and need to be judicious to make sure I've got my bases covered. I'm making the jump to 384k next year when mytek releases its updated version of the 8x192. This will be my 'flagship' converter.

Warm Audio announced API 312 style preamp!

Oh man oh man, this could be good. Fingers crossed. @$1199 it's excellent per channel cost, got input And output xformers, and also an an output knob per channel, which could be useful when not only for good gain staging, but especially if these trannys overdrive pleasantly. Plus the op amps are easily swappable. If I'm dreaming I don't wanna wake up!