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Dear members,
my question is:
when you create a new recording-session on your multitrack, do you usually save it (and record) on the HD of your computer or on external HD (someone has told me that an external HD is faster and lighter than the one of the computer)?

Thank you in advance.


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Boswell Tue, 12/18/2012 - 09:39

You should use a physically different hard drive for your audio projects than the one that the system is resident on. This is because operating systems perform background tasks that frequently read and write to the system disk, and this additional disk activity can seriously degrade audio performance.

Don't be tempted to split a large drive into two partitions and then use one of the partitions for audio and the other for the operating system, since the extra head movement distance between partitions can result in even worse performance than just using the disk as one large drive.