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Hi,I'm Logic Pro user.

I found that 2 limiter option i have...Limiter and Adaptive Limiter.

What's the different actually?
which s'ld i put at the last step of Mastering?

My Situation.
~Adaptive Limiter only provide when using Logic Pro but not WaveBurner.
~So that's mean,WaveBurner only have the option of Limiter.
~My case,i master all live recording mix in Logic and bring all the Mix Down/Bounced tracks into Waveburner for CD Burn.

So,regarding to my situation,any suggestion?i'm actually not really sure what i'm asking...haa..haa..sorry sorry..maybe..s'ld i do my MASTERING in WaveBurner (but it only provide a normal Limiter)?


Mastering in Logic Pro...then while ready to burn in Wave do the last fine-tune and push the volume by using the Limiter (normal limiter)?

(seems,double Mastering i practise the wrong thing?)

Need helps...

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ray1018 Tue, 04/08/2008 - 23:09

Massive Mastering wrote: You might want to check with the manual at some point...

Hi Massive Mastering,

I did.I'm the one who like to read manual so much.but doesn't get the details that i wish to how to control the input,output margin to get the loudness.

That's why i'm here for it.
Hope somebody can give me some idea.
Thanks :lol:

RemyRAD Tue, 04/08/2008 - 23:11

I hope you can understand this answer?

To my thinking, a limiter is no different than an adaptive limiter. The difference is that the adaptive limiter's response changes the attack, release and ratio of the limiting dependent upon the program content going through it. Whereas a standard limiter would require you to set attack, release & ratios manually. Both are good. Both have their place based upon the sound you require.

I would think that for mastering, one would want a standard limiter? Whereas when recording certain sources, and adaptive limiter may be better since it can vary its own internal settings. It's a more sophisticated automatic volume control circuit.

For instance, my old Rupert Neve console has these wonderful FET limiters built in. It has manually adjustable release times along with 2 automatic adaptive release times. I used them both ways and interchangeably. But not as a mastering limiter as that requires something of greater precision. But hey, if that's all you have, you do the best you can with it.

Doing the best I can for over 37 years
Ms. Remy Ann David