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RMS Level

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Hello, it's the newbie again. I've seen it mentioned here and have searched on google for an article or definition but am still non the wiser. What is RMS Level and why should I be worried about it? Is it the overall level of the track?


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Thomas W. Bethel Fri, 03/18/2005 - 03:42
RMS stands for Root Mean Square.

There are two values you want to worry about PEAK and RMS.

Peak is what is says, the PEAK value of the music and you want to keep that just below 0dBFS (for most music) and the RMS or the AVERAGE value of the music and depending on the music can be somewhere in the range of -6dBFS for Hip Hop to maybe -18 to -12 dBFS for classical or acoustic music. A good explanation can be found on Bob Katz's site

Hope this helps.