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I wasn't sure where to put this as the Nano is a synth.

I'm trying to find out if the Nano Piano can take balanced cables, and and if not, would it be better to use consumer or -10 line level as the hardware input level for my sound card?

I have the PDF and hard copy manual for the Nano Piano. Nothing in there says anything about what type of cabling should be used, balanced or unbalanced. The manual just says, "two stereo outputs". But I know that if I use TRS cables, I only get audio out one speaker. But I don't have that issue with using an insert cable into a stereo input. I have no tried just unbalanced. But I've seen another post where someone mentioned that it can use balanced cables.

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pcrecord Thu, 07/16/2015 - 03:05

If the manual don't say it, I guess, the best way to be sure is to open it and check how many contacts there is on those connectors..
OR more simply, contact the maker by email and ask the question ! ;) I read some forums on which the Nano is said to be balanced.. I'm not sure if it can be thrusted..

waveform, post: 430724, member: 49116 wrote: But I know that if I use TRS cables, I only get audio out one speaker.

This is bugging me because we've discussed it on an other thread. It happens when you use it with the Omni I/O.. but the omni has stereo inputs right ?
Did you ever try it with your 2 TRS cable coming from the Nano to the front of the Omni instead of the back ? Or as a test, directly to the PA system or some speakers ?
The buttons at the back of the I/O affect how the stereo channel is directed and there is some muttings going on depending on the position.
You say in the speaker.. but what about in the DAW, just one side is recorded ?

Boswell Thu, 07/16/2015 - 07:26

The manual and other specs of the NanoPiano don't mention the output levels or whether they are balanced or unbalanced, and I certainly wouldn't put much weight on guesses expressed on Vintage Synth or other websites of that type. My instinct founded on knowledge of other Alesis products would be that they are unbalanced and I would therefore use separate TS cables from the rear-panel L and R jack outputs going to separate line-level inputs on your audio interface. This will work whether the audio interface inputs are billed as balanced or unbalanced. If the audio interface input is a stereo jack, use an insert cable.

BTW, "consumer" levels and -10dBV are the same thing, but note that 0dbV is about -2dBu. Line levels on a professional audio interface are nominally +4dBu.

waveform Thu, 07/16/2015 - 15:01

hi guys. I'll try to get back to this over the weekend, My work hours are crazy. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Note: The front Line 1&2 work the same as the back, but they have pre amps so I don't use them for anything other than plunging in a electric guitar.

Any idea why they even pad the signal when you push in the back push buttons when sending a stereo signal? When you push the buttons in, any input on Line-in 1, gets sent to a stereo 1&2 (Left/Right hardware in), and same process for Line-in 2. I think this Omni is on it's way out. For one, I get no signal from Line-in's 3 or 4 [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.pyramid-…"](lower -bottom right of back unit)[/]="http://www.pyramid-…"](lower -bottom right of back unit)[/] no matter what I use. So I'm assuring they are bad. But If I use an unbalanced cable in Line-in 1, or 2 on the back it works. Or, I can also use a stereo insert in just Line-in 1, or 2 and push the button in and it gets sent as an unbalanced stereo. If you keep the buttons pushed out, you can hear it for monitoring, but you won't get an audio level in logic. I also have to set logic's hardware line level to -10 for the Nano's input channel to get a normal signal which makes.

One point though:
Most manufacture would want the consumer to know that their connectors are both balanced and unbalanced. The fact that the manual makes no mention of balanced tells me that they are not. On the other hand, If there is something malfunctioning in an integrated circuit in the Omni (if there even is such a circuit), that could be a possibility. This thing is really old and pots are shot. By the way, the reason there was no audio coming into logic when I was using the top stereo ins 3 and 4 (I have circled) was because they are just for monitoring effects. The labeling on this IO is really confusing until you do some extensive experimenting with it.

DonnyThompson Thu, 07/16/2015 - 22:57

waveform, post: 430755, member: 49116 wrote: Most manufacture would want the consumer to know that their connectors are both balanced and unbalanced

I agree with this, being that this is a pretty important thing to most users. My spidey-senses are hinting to me that it probably isn't balanced, or there would be mention of it in the OM, as well as this being mentioned as a selling feature.

Beyond that, considering all the other issues/problems you've mentioned it having, I think it's safe to say that it's time for an upgrade. ;)