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Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" was recorded by Bruce Sweiden through a Massenburg console and a Shure SM7 mic. Bruce said he wanted the sound of a dynamic mic specifically, and not a large condensor(Mix Mag 1997). This was a number one song, and was the Hottest! thing when I was in 3rd grade. To all my fellow gear junkies...when in doubt use your ears and experiment, not your wallet.

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anonymous Sat, 01/19/2002 - 10:42

Originally posted by Bear's Gone Fission:
since I've only heard of people being big on them as vocal mics

FWIW, I know of a lot of great recordings where SM-7 has been used for trumpet. For instance, on a lot of Mile Davis' recordings the '7 was used.

I also bet it would be great on electric gtr, after all the diaphragm is a sibling to the one used in the SM-57.

Do you record any spoken word? Then SM-7 would be da bomb!


Richard Kuschel Sun, 01/20/2002 - 14:43

Originally posted by Geoff Ruby:
Anyone used these for kick, floor toms, bass cabs or other places one might use a large diaphragm dynamic? I've heard others report success using them on ride cymbals and hats, but personally have only used one on vox.
Geoff Ruby

Large Diaphragm Dynamic?


where did you get that? The diaphragm is the same one used in the SM57.

The SM7 is an excellent microphone and may be used anywhere it sounds good.

anonymous Sun, 01/20/2002 - 23:24

We recorded electric guitars on our record with either a sm7 or a vp-88(stereo mic used for more ambiental guitars)... most distorted and pure clean guitars were done with an sm7 through a demeter preamp... the sounds we got for distorted guitars was amazing... sm7 rocks...

great on vocals, excelente choice for large diaphram dynamic...

Guest Mon, 01/21/2002 - 08:37

I'd like to ask all of your opinions. I've been thinking about the SM-7 for years, but I already have an EV RE-27. Will the sound of an SM7 be significantly enough different to make it worthwhile to get that mic as well? Also, anyone have any thoughts about whether the new SM7b is equal or an improvement to the original? I'd hate to buy the new one and then hear everyone say they are a piece of shit compared to the original (which seems to happen a lot these days!)

anonymous Thu, 01/24/2002 - 20:08

Originally posted by Richard Kuschel:

Large Diaphragm Dynamic?

where did you get that? The diaphragm is the same one used in the SM57.

The SM7 is an excellent microphone and may be used anywhere it sounds good.


I think he means has anyone used an SM7 in place of/instead of a large diaphragm dynamic.

Umm, Yeah!

Didn't mean to suggest this was a large diaphragm dynamic. However, I'll be honest ... until a few months ago, and thanks to this forum I now know otherwise, I thought it was. It looks like one (big and heavy) and is priced in the same league as other large dia. dynamics, so I just assumed. It sure doesn't sound like a 57 though!!

So I asked the question because I thought there may be others like myself who, based on its looks, tried the SM7 in a large diaphragm dynamic role and perhaps had more success than I have had using it that way. (Despite my rather limited mic selection its been pretty much relegated to vocal duties. I'd like to get more out of it).

On a different perspective - does the SM7 have ANY sonic similarity to any of the common ribbon mics out there? The SM7 has a smoothish rolled off top, and can have different sounds on the bottom few octaves depending on how its set up. It also has a relatively low output, like most ribbon mics. Are there any sonic similarities?

Geoff Ruby

anonymous Thu, 01/24/2002 - 22:13

Recently, I was working on a elec. guitar o/d session at a friend of mine's studio. I had had been plugging along merrily for most of the day using mostly a 4038 but also a 441 and a 57, when at the 11th hour the studio owner came galavanting in from a day scouring the local yard sales.
Obviously quite pleased with himself, he produced an SM7 that he'd aquired for some obnoxiosly reasonable price. Of course the first thing I did was put it up in front of the twin I'd been recording all day, and for the sound I was after, the first thing I thought was: "I wish you'd had this this morning..."