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I am extremely new to this and would love some chiming in.

I am planning on recording a choir/ensemble. There are 45 people in it and I was going to use 2 mics in ORTF configuration, right behind the director, 12' high. Then do an MS configuration somewhere behind the ORTF setup.

I am reading on here about self noise and Earthworks mics and am wondering. How noticeable is the noise going to be if I use my Earthworks SR71's to record a choir?

I will be running them through a Sytek pre.

I have just purchased these mics for this purpose and may be finding out the hard way on thinking of self noise levels.

My SM81's have a self noise of 16db A-weighted.
Earthworks SR71's have a self noise of 22db A-weighted.

Pleas "Weigh in" and let me know what your instincts/experience might be.



Stephen Paul Mon, 03/17/2003 - 09:34

Self-noise isn't your problem.

Sensitivity in mv/Pa is.

You're not using large diaphragm mikes in an app where you need max sensitivity.

Either increase the number of mikes used for pickup and forget such 'classical' configs such as Decca tree and all that, and use enough, or use higher sensitivity large diaphragm mikes.

Seems to me you're getting too hung up on numbers.

And the wrong ones at that.

Self-noise is only useful for certain things. Afetr that sensitivity is what you need. i.e. more V out / Pa in.