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i do the live sound for a progressive rock band that incoperates a violin, the problem we have been having is with the feedback on using a mic(not to mention lack of mobility) ive been using an acoustic guitar transducer mad by dean markly, first because it was the only thing we could afford but it sound amazing with verry low feedback, the problem with them is they die in about three months they are only US$40 but i dont want it to die in the middle of a big gig. a was wandering if any of you know of a good, durable violin pickup if it has a mic for the sound hole as well thats fine dont want to use a difrant bridge for the violin or a difrant violin. the one we have is amazing, and irreplacable. so a transducer or sound hole mic would be best.

i had this in the live sound forum with no responce for3 days


Fede Fri, 11/19/2004 - 18:34

You should most definately try a DPA 4061 mic!

It's miniature microport-type mic that comes with a rubber mount for violin. It sounds IN-CREDIBLE on violin!! It sounds exactly the way a violin should (in my world, at least). The rubber mount holds the mic in a position under the strings, behind the bridge.

If it works out with the stage levels and feedback and such - this will definately give you by far the best violin sound and good mobility at the same time! It's an omni-mic, sp ofcourse it does pick up some noises from the outside, but again - a violin IS pretty loud right in that spot under the bridge, so I'd say there's a good chance it'll work! I have used it many times on stage with drums and it!

A cheaper alternative is Taiwanese MiPro who makes a mic that is very similar to the DPA (MU55L) - sounds almost as good....but it doesn't come with the mount for violin...but it's about 1/4 the price.....still, the DPA is not really that expensive....(the equivalent of $500 here in Denmark.....)

JoeH Sat, 11/20/2004 - 10:03

my #1 suggestion would be DPA, yep, no question. But if cost is a factor (and I think you said it is), then Audio Technica might be a reasonable alternative.

Last but not least, there's also a guy in NJ who makes GREAT mics for acoustic (natural) instruments, and all the "Serious" pro's use 'em. (It's not cheap, either. Probably about the same as DPAs) but worth a look-see: Applied Microphone Technology. ( It's all hand-made stuff, right here in the USA. I met the owner of the company at AES last month in SF. Really nice guy, totally devoted to his craft and their products. Just about all of broadway uses his stuff, ditto for many "live" acoustic players.

Fede Mon, 11/22/2004 - 18:40

frob wrote: the amt i think will be a litle to mutch for now but mabey work our way to it. i see that there is a dpa 4088 cardio vesion of the 4061 i think i will look into.

Be sure to try both, in that case. I know from experience that the DPA4061 sounds just right on violin, so the cardioid version is bound to sound different from that....and that might not be working in your favor....?

But then again, it will make use of the proximity effect apart from the obvious directionality, both of which will come in handy...