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Just released my first album (blues rock instrumental)

Hey All,

Super happy to announce that I’ve just released my first self-produced album - a collection of blues-rock instrumentals. I really appreciate the mixing feedback over the year!
Hoping you all agree it turned out ok!?

Check it out here:

Cheers and season’s greetings!

Is this rock mix harsh on the ears?

Hi everyone,
We have been mixing this song over and over for the past few months as we cannot seem to get it right. At louder levels it seems to be very harsh. We don’t have any boosting on the master and generally subtle eq moves in the high end. Maybe my ears are overly sensitive but I can’t help but think it sounds harsh in the high mids. I’d say that the instruments contributing are they vocals and cymbals. I’m worried the tracks were recorded with too high gain. Let me know if you agree or disagree and any advice you have so we can get this finished and move on.

STARCHASER by TSOTS... Another high-energy pop/rock song!


We've gotten some great feedback on other songs and thought we'd post another one here. This is Starchaser, the song our album in development is named after. We've been wrestling with this mix for awhile. Would love to hear y'all's thoughts on the mix, the song, etc.!

STARCHASER - The Story of the Sun

telecaster pickups for rock


Could anyone please give me some advice about telecaster pickups for rock ?
What I am trying to achieve is a Malmsteen sound, hard overdrive with single coil sound, but instead of sounding like a Stratocaster, you should be able to hear it beeing a telecaster. You know the bite from the bridge and the smoothness from the neck.

I also prefer the single coil sound over the humbucker sound.

Song Mix - "Spirit" - a secular spiritual stadium rocker

Hey guys - I'd appreciate any feedback on this song and mix - Stadium rock feel-good chorus meets personal introspective in this frozen in time moment...

Guitar solo outro chorus intentionally quotes a wee bit of Blind Melon - lots of guitars and vocal tracks (double and triple tracked) with (hopefully) some really neat sounds. Very straight forward drums and a classic bass track that doesn't step on anything...




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