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Alesis MultiMix 4 to a single QSC CP8?

Hi, I have an Alesis MultiMix 4 mixer and a single QSC CP8 speaker. The manual for the mixer says to use 1/4 TRS for the main outs. And the speaker has a female XLR input. So my question is, if I only have one speaker, should I get a dual 1/4" TRS cable that terminates at the other end as a male XLR? Is that the proper connection when I only have one speaker? If not, how should I connect the main outs to the speaker? Thanks!

Noob question about Alesis Microverb 4

Hi everyone,

I'm reasonably new to recording and have never used Rack Effects before. I have been given an Alesis Micorverb 4. Now this is the stupid question bit -

Can I run my guitar into the input of the Alesis and then a cable from the output to the USB audio interface I am using? I would presume not as there is a left (mono) and right output on the Microverb. I am using Logic Pro X.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Alesis HD24XR, Fireface 800, track, mix, monitor

Looking to get some help regarding my setup. I currently have an HD24XR, the digital outs are connected to the digital ins of the RME and so are the Ins. Total Mix controls the RME. I want to be able to record onto the hd24. When its full. transfer the tracks to reaper and mix.
Issues I have.
The RME Fireface 800 has only 16 digital ins and outs but the HD24 has 24 digital ins and outs.
Right now I have 17 to 24 analog outs to the 8 analog ins of the RME to monitor.

Alesis DM6, not being recognized

Hello everyone. This is actually my first post, but I was wondering if someone could help or point me in the right direction.

I have a Alesis DM6 electronic drum. (bought in 2010) On the back of the drum module, there is a 'house' USB socket and an USB cable can be plugged into the back of the computer. When I plug it in, my computer indicates that the USB has malfunctioned. I tried other ports and it is the same thing. I am running windows 7 home premium, 64 bit

Alesis ADAT XT tick sound on playback

There's this occasional https://soundcloud…"]tick sound[/]="https://soundcloud…"]tick sound[/] that occurs on playback perhaps every 15 seconds to 1 minute. I tried swapping cables. Tried playing into a different system. This sound is coming from the ADAT XT.
My question is do you think this is a case of dirty heads? Is this one of the symptoms of dirty heads?

Sync Alesis HR-16 w/Pro Tools as Click

Hello All,

I just found this forum.

I am a professional studio musician (drummer). I want to use my Alesis HR-16 as a click track and have the tempo driven from Pro Tools.

I've done this many times in the past but I don't know exactly how the engineer went about setting it up.

The studio I am going to do this in is running an older version of Pro Tools (8.2 I believe) on a Windows machine. I'm trying to find some instructions that I can share with my engineer buddy so we can get this working.

Alesis M1Active 520 - One speaker has distorted bass

Hello guys!

I've just bought a second hand pair of 520 Active and swapped a tweeter. Everything works fine except one thing: One of them has a clear,non distorted I've opened the box to replace the tweeter and arranged all the cables in such way the airflow is not affected.
Switched the inputs between them, same result
What do you think? Is the amp damaged?
I'll post a recording to show you exactly what I mean.
M1active - YouTube
As you can see, the first monitor has a higher gain setting than the other one, to reveal the difference

In need of a Power Supply for a Alesis Multimix 8 USB (18V) (Will pay)

I was just given the Alesis Multimix 8 USB but my friend had accidentally thrown out the power supply with some other old electronics. As it would turn out, this is very hard to find. There are no after-market power supplies made, as far as I can tell. The specs are 18V 500 mA and here is a picture of what I need: