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As promised, I have a bold prediction about the future of modelling plugins (and no, it doesn't have anything to do with supermodels).
My Bold Prediction (I will resist putting it in BOLD letters): Somebody is going to release a "mic preamp modeller", allowing one to record through a Behringer mixer and then choose between Neve, Langevin, API, SSL, Telefunken, Focusrite, Manley, etc...
I will say that I believe greatly in human ingenuity, and that some people will find use for it, but I do think that mostly it will be a waste of cash.
I have another question here. What is the break-even point on modelling plugins vs hardware? The Antares mic modeller costs $200 US. That $200 could get you an sm57 and a decent condenser mic (from SP, or SE, etc). Woulde someone be better advised to buy the mic modeller? Thoughts? Cheers, Doc.

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Doublehelix Fri, 08/16/2002 - 03:08

I can see uses for mic/preamp modeling to create some unique effects, but not as the true modeling emulations that they were designed to... er... emulate. I'm sure that they could be useful to have around a studio for some special effects and to add some creativity to special projects, but other than that...

Spend your money on the mics, that is my opinion. The modelers are a "nice to have" *after* your mic cabinet is well-stocked!

Just my 2p!!!

Doublehelix Wed, 08/21/2002 - 04:33

Hey Doc:

I saw an ad in a recent "American Musical Supply" catalog (1-2 months old???) for the new Roland MMP2 Mic Modeling Preamp. While this is a hardware unit rather than an official plug-in, it claims to be "The World's First Modeling Preamp", and offers what they are calling "letter-perfect" models of the Focusrite Red 7, Neve 1073, SummitAudio TPA2000 Dual Tube, MillenniaMedia HV-3, Manley Dual Mono SS, HHB Classic 80 tube, Avalon VT 737SP tube & AD2022 SS and the Crane Song Flamingo.

They also have included mic modeling on the same unit (this is a preamp, remember). AMS is selling it for USD600...

Once again, I feel that it is all most likely rubbish, but your prediction appears to have surfaced Doc!!! But then again, 10 years ago (5???) noone would have guessed that we could get the quality of recordings that we are getting on our home computers with just a few thousand dollars invested...ya never know how this stuff is going to develop. Do I think that it is going to make a $100 ART Tube MP sound like a Neve??? No way! But maybe someday, someone will make a combination preamp/software modeling plug-in combo that is designed to be prefectly transparent, and of high enough quality, that you could probably do pretty good imitations of the sonic imprints of some of these buggers...just my 2p!!!

e-cue Fri, 08/30/2002 - 20:35

You remember when synths started making it big in the 70's/80's (and even earlier) and everyone wanted them to sound just like strings. But then, people sad 'eff it' and started using them to make cheezy sounds instead and got really creative? I'd like to see plug in's start doing this. Instead of emulating stuff, do something new that pushes the bounderies.

anonymous Thu, 09/05/2002 - 11:55

If I could afford to I would still be recording on 2" reels and editing in the computer... As far as knocking the latest and greatest technology before I have tried it, I would have to say that I agree everything has its place and can be useful. I personally would be spending my money elsewhere as I have a need for other things than a mic pre that I know I would not care for. How do I know this? Because to me, in my opinion, the Roland modeling is some of the worst out there. Not to mention the ad/da they use that I have always found to be unpleasant. Hell, the only modeling they have developed that I have liked is their new wah pedal (although the distortions are completely useless). I do speak from experience with their products even though I have not heard this pre.
One man's thoughts...
By the way,
I would like to take this time to put in a shameless plug for a few things I have for sale:
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Henchman Sun, 09/08/2002 - 16:11

Originally posted by AtomicDog:
I'm a bit baffled at how so many of you trash new tech without having tried it. I'm suprised you aren't still using reel-to-reel.

The modelin' train's a-leaving podners. Get on board or try to catch up at the next stop.

peace, the dog

I've tried it. And the modeling stuff is for those who want to pretend that they can do it all at home, all by themselves. It all ends up sounding one dimensional.

anonymous Fri, 09/13/2002 - 10:07

I'll strap on some basic black and give it a stroll:

1. Modelling companies will not go away.
2. Modelling boxes/plugins will improve slowly.
3.. Each halting improvement will be hailed as a major breakthrough.
4. As value goes marginally up, prices will drastically drop.
5. The market will glut with a zillion versions of the same stuff.
6. The modelling companies will move on to the Next Big Thing.
7. eBay will profit on the dumping of the stuff more than some of the makers did building it.
8. Somebody will use it as FX and get a hit and start a genre.
9. The guy who squirreled away a garage load of them will clean up at the considerable expense of Japanese collectors.
10. Throughout the process, fools and their money will be parted.

Yeah, I know that's cynical. I warned you I would wear black.

:cool: RW :cool:


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