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Can I run an older version of Cubase (VST 5 r 6) on the Windows XP OS?

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anonymous Fri, 06/06/2003 - 06:33

Kurt....thanks for the info. Somehow I got all caught up in the idea of Cubase SX coming out and I need to run out and get it to work on Win XP. Must have developed a mind fart that stopped me from thinking about just keeping the old VST 5 and using the thing on a new system if I ever get it...I still use Win98se, and after years of fighting with the do's and do not's of Cubase I can at least record some stuff and get it to play back. However I never get it saved in the right way as to be able to recal it and put it into a final mix. But still keep reading and listing. But most folks talk only about Cubase SX, so I don't lean as much from the groups now days.


anonymous Sat, 06/07/2003 - 05:34

Gary....(Opus) Thanks for the inquiry, I am doing fine for an old fart. Will be coming out to CA one of these days and will get by and see your face and all that wild setup we have talked about. Hay dude where can I get a web site for the best up-grade price on Cubase SX ? Just starting to think about later. Maybe when the PCI Express comes along. Really enjoy reading all the posts you have made thru the years, its not easy to put up will all the feedback from being exposed to the wonderful world of people, not all of them are cool, some are plain butts !!! But you know that.

Opus2000 Sat, 06/07/2003 - 08:27


The best way to upgrade is to go directly through Steinberg USA....818-678-5100.

They can hook you up with an upgrade.

Going to be in Cali soon huh? Cool! Just email me and we'll hook up!

Indeed there are the cool ones and the lame ones.

That's why I like this forum as there are no lame people...only cool ones!