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Cubase is a digital audio workstation developed by Steinberg for music and MIDI recording, arranging and editing. The first version, which was originally only a MIDI sequencer and ran on the Atari ST computer, was released in 1989

Direct monitoring using cuemix and Cubase 10

Hi all,

As I'm new to this forum, I'd like to give a little background about me. I'm a hobbyist who doesn't record/mix/master for commercial use at all.
Just a hobby that went completely out of hand and used solely to track rehearsals and make a "decent" recording once a year.

  • 2 electric guitars running signal through pedal boards
  • Semi acoustic guitar, during rehearsals tracked via jack, during recording sessions tracked using mics

Cubase users with Kontakt Vocal instruments

I'm doing much more composition and arrangement stuff post Covid - and have bought quite a few packages. The least satisfying ones are the vocal packs - I like the haunting melodies so Irish, clasical, opera type voices and a few of the package have similar features. Oooh, aahs and stuff are fine, but words are tricky - the ones where you have to create each word take so much time, and as a composer I'm no good with words, so for me they're out - but I have a couple where there are phrases - in one, you select French or Latin, and there are little snippets you can play in.

Building Orchestral Templates in Cubase

Cubase 11. Kontakt 6.

Orientation: I am in the process of building a very large, mostly orchestral template in Cubase 11 with Kontakt 6, Halions, EW PLAY, Spectrasonics GUIs and more. for use is a large scale project. The Template has about a thousand tracks and will be used to pull ready made presets for largely (but not exclusively), orchestral projects, that will be part of gthe same production and require similar levels. Live in theaters in London. I am not composing with the intent to go to a live orchestra the tracks will be the end result.

Monitoring Delay Cubase 10 Pro (Live Sound) Sucky Components. HELP!

So I use Cubase 10 pro to livestream our churches services. So the way I have it set up is the board we use (si expression 3) sends signal through usb to Cubase 10 on my laptop. It is mixed and then sent to a stereo output back to the board and sent out the board into Boxcast (our streaming provider) The issue I am having is sometimes (not all the time) one of the channels is delayed but the other channels all are fine. The channel that is delayed seems to be random and I have tried everything I can to figure out why it seems to be doing this.

Cubase Artist 10.5 suddenly stops and crashes.

I had a bit of a format and decided to just put my games on (linked via separate hdd) and Cubase using my main ssd. I copied my settings and preferences to save some time and everything seemed to be working ok. I loaded some of my old projects which are setup different to my current project settings and found Cubase would out of the blue freeze for a second then crash. I tried to copy my old project to my current setup which seemed to work for awhile but I got another freeze and crash. This can happen on playback and recording.

ASIO Driver Open failure! Cubase

Hi there,
I got myself a new PC, reinstalled Cubase with all licenses etc.. and it works fine.
Now I wanted to connect my Tascam 16x08 interface, so I got the latest driver. Note: the interface is at the studio, so I didnt connect it yet. Just wanted to install the 16x08 driver in advance.

So I did that, and it also shows up in Cubase to select in the studio settings. BUT as soon as I select it, it says "ASIO Driver Open Failure!"

Anybody here with similar experiences who could help out?

Windows 10

Optimize Cubase (avoid cracks and pops)/ increase Buffer?

Hi there,

-Tascam 16x08 Interface
-Laptop: Acer Aspire 3 a315 53 35 fq, 4GB RAM, dual core

I recently had a problem with cracks and pops in my audio during recording and playing back. What I did according do help from friends and forums :

-Used the Tascam dsp mixer for monitoring instead of Cubase to save processing power

Cubase 8.5 project in Cubase 10

I ended up formatting my pc (unrelated and planned) and I decided since I upgraded my Cubase Artist 8.5 to Artist 10 I decided would just install 10 rather than have them both on. I have about 35 projects on 8.5 and they worked perfectly fine even after upgrading to 10 (most likely still opening in 8.5). After recording some new stuff using 10 I went back to my old projects only to find they are not aligned to the grids. Example. I use Addictive drums 2 and just drag and drop the loops but my old projects don't line up inside the grid.


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