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Okay so I know its sacrilegious to many a engineer here, but I've become a believer in midi instruments... Sorry Logic Studio won me over with its Indie Kit. So I'm planning on expanding my library. I've been looking at the drum software out there and was wondering if anyone has some hands on knowledge of a few of them. My decision is between Ocean Way Platinum and Mixosaurus Kit. I'm going to be upgrading from my older Vdrums to the newer TD-20s, which I've been told has the ability for foot-switchable midi notes. This would be ideal for switching between cross sticking and regular snare sounds. But I don't really "love" the vdrums sounds by themselves, I do love how they play though.


BDM Thu, 06/18/2009 - 12:57

I'm playing a Roland v-kit with a TD-8 brain triggering Superior Drummer 2, and it freaks me out! could swear it's a real kit, and a nice one at that. it took a while to get the midi just right, but now it is really tailored to the way i play and it's easy to get expressive and creative. the difference between the Roland sounds and S2 is like the difference between spam and steak. only tastier.
i have read Ocean Way is amazing also and would love to get it, but $$$$$. i will get the new S2 kits instead... i don't think you can go wrong with BFD either, but in my limited experience, it's more CPU hungry...
and i agree, virtual instruments rule. now there are so many quality choices that it isn't a question of 'better', just 'different'.

Mckey Sat, 06/20/2009 - 18:04

God so true. It took me about a year to finally get the perfect set in the vdrums sound. Its still not that great, but its better than everything else on it. It took me 25 minutes to figure out the midi functions and that set sounds a million times better. I'm actually using the TD-8 brain as well. A few things about it really piss me off, which is why I'm going to upgrade to the TD-20. Do you hate the hats as much as I do? I hate those hats, I think the new hats on the TD-20 are perhaps the biggest reason I'm going to upgrade. No to mention the crosstalk... oh features to die for. I'm going to look into SD2, if its as good as you say I may settle for it.

BDM Wed, 06/24/2009 - 02:09

here's a quick sample. the first is my dry kit settings, the second is with an ez drummer stock mixer setting. there are pretty endless possibilities to mix the kit to sound completely different, along with using different drums/cymbals, mic configurations, bleed, FX etc. etc....
i played this before my morning coffee, so ignore bad drumming/meter.

and yeah, i dislike the hats! would like to upgrade, but $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

Mckey Wed, 06/24/2009 - 22:32

haha I just recently switched out that lame hat pad for a regular cymbal pad... soooooo worth it! The only downside is now I have to use one cymbal pad for two crashes. Not a biggy though, def. prefer that cymbal pad for the hats. Just a tiny bit better. Hat control still sucks though.

Those samples had some weird clicks and buzzes in them. That might be just me, or the streaming. But the drums themselves sounded very very sweet. I was watching demoes of SD2 on youtube all night last night. I def. think I'm gonna start with that. Can't beat it for 300 bucks.

BDM Thu, 06/25/2009 - 00:07

yeah, a whole whack of nice drum for $300. i'm looking forward to getting the newly released kits this summer.
are you sure the buzzes aren't my stick drags? if they mostly disappear when i play the rim then that's what it is, ala Bonham, except much lamer...
which cymbal are you using for the hat? i might have to give that a try...


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