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Drum kit preference from a mixer's POV

From your point of view, do you prefer mixing an acoustic or electronic drum kit? An acoustic kit might be more challenging and fun (mic choice, placement, mixing w/ gates, comps etc.), but an electronic kit removes stage noise and gives far more control over the overall mix. What do you think and have you had the opportunity to mix both?

Front of drum kit miking: how do you do it?

I read some forum threads and posts on drum recording. One thing that interests me is FOK Micing (it stands for front of kit, right?). I am definitely gonna try and put one or two mics in front of the kit in addition to the the room mics. I thought it would be cool to get some inspiration on how to set them up from people who are using FOK mics.

Yamaha Drum Kit for Hard Rock/Metal


A band that i engineer has just got an endorsement from Yamaha. We want a Drum Kit. Very Hard Rock, metal. Want a very mordern sound.

Which Yamaha Drum Kit is best suited. The Stage and Recording Customs as Birch. Are Birch and Maple equal ?
Next post on Drum heads.

I do not have much experience with woods vs sound.

Thanks a ton!