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Studer A807 Mk 1 Software 30/88

Machine had fault were 50 V fuse kept blowing. I think that was loose reel turntable causing the Reel drive to crossbar the supply, whenever it got out of step. That sorted, but now unable to align the Audio.
Unable to get any change in adjustment parameters in Level, hf for Repro Sync and record. All speed, All eq.
BUT can control bias level.
It was storing tape position. ( Latest test, seem to indicate that no that is not happening, but unsure about the reliability of this test).
My fear is that it a faulty MCM2802. eeprom chip.

Is It Possible to Make Recording, Sound better via software


FYI: Before I ask, let me share (so that you can guide me better), I've a home studio setup and create educational video course.

May I ask you :)
Is It Possible to make regular recording sound better via Audacity? I'm passionate to make my recording quality better:

I use MXL 770 (with double layer pop filter), Scarlett solo 2nd gen etc...

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio pack (2nd Gen), Software & latency problem


I'm a beginner. I would like to do Voice-overs & Singing with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio pack

(2nd Gen). I have got Ableton Live & Pro Tools first software with Scarlett 2i2 pack. I am using iMac

and I already have Adobe Audition in my Mac. I am Confused.. so pls help.. Which is good for Voiceover

or what do you suggest.? Will I get low latency with any of these tools (Pro Tools First, Ableton

Live Lite, Adobe Audition)?


A warning about WAVES software!

I purchased Waves Diamond for $349 just about 3 1/2 years ago. When my motherboard failed, I replaced it and I was given a new Windows product key (no charge by Microsoft by the way). I wound up having to "recover" my Waves license. As it turned out, the motherboard that I bought was a lemon, so I just got a new computer, and once again I was prompted to "recover" my Waveslicense again. Guess what Waves told me? I can only "recover" a license ONCE PER YEAR and in order to use Waves Diamond before June 14th, 2019 I have to PAY Waves $170 in order to get "covered" by Waves' "update plan".

What mastering software use for the future?

Hi people, how are you? I hope good! I am Marcos a mixing and mastering engineer from Brazil and actually I use Mac for mixing and mastering, but in the future I will go with a Windows notebook, because in the same computer my Pro Tools 12 opens with Windows and doesn't with OS X, I am convinced Windows is better, but there is a problem, mastering software. I use WaveBurner and soundBlade to master tracks, I really like these, specially soundBlade, it's amazing! But soundBlade is for Mac only. I want to decide already what I will use for mastering in Windows for the future. What you suggest?


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