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Kids & studio?

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Not many of my chums here in London have kids. I don't have any. (yet)

How do you have kids & a studio career?

How does that work out?

I salute those of you that manage it!

Whats your secret?



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MadMax Sun, 01/06/2002 - 17:19
What's your secret?

We sold them when they were young... :p

Actually, this is kind of an interesting concept... except that we'll be dealing with grandkids.

Thank God the place we're looking at has a pool, a play-house, a dog, a 35 lb cat, a tire swing and 10 acres with a creek to play in.

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Pro Audio Guest Mon, 01/07/2002 - 05:39
I've got two, kids not studios. After the first was born, we decided I should do the stay at home dad thing during the week while my wife went back to work. The working man and housewife dynamic did not work for us, resentment started almost immediately. So I watch the kids 7am to 3pm while the wife works, and then do sessions from 3pm to 10pm in the studio. The obvious catch is we don't see eachother during the week, but something's got to give. The other pinch is the studio can only bill 7 hours a day. The wife's income picks up the slack and we both get to spend everyday with the kids for these few years they'll tolerate having us around. It's no different than it is for anyone else I guess, a big change of priorities.
Waiting until we built our own place was a help, letting us cut back without sweating a big lease payment. I probably wouldn't have the freedom to arrange my own hours if I wasn't running a studio, so for us it's worked out.

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RecorderMan Mon, 01/07/2002 - 08:55
I have FOUR kids. David, age 8. John age 4. and two daughters; Alana & Breanna; age's 16 months. It's really tough too. I'm the sole bread winner, my wife has the hardest part of it...she's with the kid's twenty-four/seven.
(A neat side note: My eldest son recieved his first paid credit just shy of his fourth birthday, playing tamborine on a track with Ringo Starr, Tom Petty and Alanis Morisette...a proud and fun day that was.)
If I win a lottery in this biz(or ant other way) I think I'd quite (except as a hobby) and just spend all of my time with my kids...they're the best.
I do get to spend lot's of time with them between long term gig's. That's a plus.

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Rader Ranch Mon, 01/07/2002 - 14:12
as a staff/post guy i have regular hours too...but as the sole bread winner i also find the need for outside gigs, which means late nights, which means no seeing the litte guy other than in the a.m. briefly, which blows. but i'm pretty able to keep a no weekend work rule, so if nothing else i get 2 good, quality days every week with him. when i do work at home, he's welcome to be in the room much as possible...clients around make a difference, of course.

i prefer not to think what it'd be like if i had to travel for periods of time for work. took a 10 day cycle trip last summer, through beautiful countryside...after about 5 days, all i wanted to be was home!

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Pro Audio Guest Mon, 01/07/2002 - 16:26
I have 2 kids 8 & 12. I had an electronics business that I gave up due to the hours away from the family. I took a day gig in a corporate studio as a tech. for stability and good pay. Unless it hits the fan the hours are very regular.

Last year I completed a little project studio in my home. I figure that I've dedicated myself to the kids while they are young but as they get older, they'll have less use for me. It's already starting with the oldest.

I've been working on slow growth. Just picking a few projects on a regular basis. The plan is to have it progress as they get older. I know too many people who have regrets about the choices made while their kids are young. If you have them, they come first. Your children are something you just can't put off.

The good news is that it can be done. I had to get many things out of the way first but I'm making it work. I know we all love recording but there are other things in life that require our dedication.

What good is a dream come true if you must have it alone.

Sorry to have gotten so heavy. Hope I didn't get any on you.

Don Goguen

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MadMax Mon, 01/07/2002 - 17:52
Originally posted by Julian Standen:
So when one moves out to go to college, is it like DRUM BOOTH TIME!

Uh, Jules... U ain't married are you?!?

IF, and I mean IF, you are brave enough to ask if it can be occupied by anything, it will be your own body... and ONLY when she needs to have your help with some craft item, to move a piece of furniture that 3 men and a small boy couldn't move, or to answer the last question she asked you as to whether she looks fat in the new outfit she just bought.

The drum booth ONLY comes along when the SECOND child moves... if you can beat her to it... that's where she'll want the baby grand she's always wanted, but didn't think you could afford.

Oh shit, the wife just walked in here... I was just kidding dear... please put that shotgun down... OH SHIT!


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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 01/08/2002 - 04:14
"So when one moves out to go to college, is it like DRUM BOOTH TIME!"

I'm more of a long range plan kind of guy.

We designed our current house around family needs. The next design is already in the works. The next studio design is factored into the plans.

When the kids are out of the picture the next house will be built with just the wife and I in mind.

It's the reward for doing the corporate thing for so many years.

Don Goguen

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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 01/08/2002 - 08:24
"The drum booth ONLY comes along when the SECOND child moves... "

Ah yessssss! Actually I moved the studio from the "spare bedroom" into the garage. Old music room is now "sewing room" altho' i've yet to see any af this "sewing"!! So's maybe I WILL get the next vacated room fer the drum booth!!

Anyhue, I try to get the kids involved in the biz. Two sons, 15 and 10. 15 year old gits free studio time for his punk rock band so he's getting hip to the ways. He is producing their last effort! I'll have the 10 yr old run fer sodas, etc. Even have him assist sometimes. He insists he's bored and no doubt he is, however, he's proud of himself at the same time. I made the mistake of paying them once and now they expect it! Shoulda' seen that one coming.

More to the point, having more and more time taken up by the studio has given way to my really concentrating on making the time with the family count. Not even a conscious thing. Just happens. It's all good. My sanity is returning after a partial withdrawl from the biz and that makes the family thing better as well.

Everything in moderation. YEAH, RIGHT!!!!

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droog Fri, 01/11/2002 - 15:46
yo jules, why the query, are you up the duff?

i have one 4 yr old, and when he was born i made a concerted decision to put my carrer on hold while he's only a pup, just so i can spend time with him

as a result, i've been working two days/week, and unlike many of my colleagues (medical types), my kid actually knows what i look like

now, he's off to school, boy, i can almost taste freedom