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What type of preamp should I be looking for for RE20 when doing VO for radio. I am looking for something that is going to get me the best out of the mic for a relatively decent type of price.

I mean I am not looking to go super elaborate here, just something to bring the best out of the mic.

Any suggestions would be great, thank you.


AudioGaff Sat, 04/21/2007 - 18:42

There are just to many that fit that criteria to mention. I have never had a problem using the RE-20 with any high end professional external outboard mic preamp. When I do VO sessions, I usually start with my Focusrite Red-7, which happens to be a long time industry standard for VO work, and I rarely need to try anything else.

bwmac Sat, 04/21/2007 - 23:56

Focusrite Red-7

Wow that Focusrite Red-7 is a sweet looking rig, At least to a low end new-be like me.
Now I have to ask one of those questions;
How many I/O does it have, I mean does a single mic
plug direct to the red 7 and then out to the board.
I only have a small home studio and am just trying to learn
for the future. I have a whole two Phantom power supplies, LOL
and is it the same as a mic pre amp.
Now I'm dumb.