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Hi everyone! I am hoping to get some clarity here on what level was used to calibrate the Orion 32+ Gen 3's Monitor Outputs - in particular whether a -20 dBFS or -18 dBFS 1kHz sine wave was used to to calibrate the outputs to +4dBu?


If you are wondering why I want to know, it is because I would like to calibrate my analog monitoring chain and my speakers. Being the Orion is first in the chain I want to know what the outputs are calibrated to.


I wrote Antelope Tech support and they could not answer this question...which is kinda crazy considering the Orion is an expensive piece of hardware used in a professional setting. That said, if any of you kind folks can confirm whether it is -20 or -18 I'd be mighty grateful. Thanks!


audiokid Thu, 12/01/2022 - 10:23

I sold the hybrid studio just before 2019 hit.  I’ve been trying to recall how I calibrated the Orion 32 in my analog chain. If I recall, I was normally at -18 but just use your ears. Everything should be loud and balanced (input vs output.)