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Is this legit? Samplitude...

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Is this legit @audiokid ---- someone posted the link on TGP -- unlimited trial?


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DonnyThompson Wed, 02/22/2017 - 03:17
I did a google search on this and found several "legit" audio websites reviewing Samp "Silver".

It seems to be a limited feature version - only allows up to 8 tracks and 2 busses. Other possible limitations ( I'm basing this on other "light" versions of DAW's I've seen) could include things like no tech support, limited VST/VSTi use, etc.
BUT - I'm not saying this as being a fact. I'm saying these are things I would check for.

"Silver" appears to be a legitimate version from Magix, a free download, (and apparently has been for a while now, as I've seen others reviewing this deal going back to December 2015).
It's not uncommon for major DAW's to offer "light" versions of their platforms. For example, Pro Tools has their "First" version, Studio One has the "Artist" version...

It would be a good way to get introduced to it. Although I don't know if this version would count as a version that would allow for a future discounted upgrade (or not) to one of the premier versions like Pro X Suite, or Pro X 2.

There may be other limitations to this one feature-wise; these are just the ones I could locate fairly quickly; so you might want to research it. As Chris ( @audiokid ) mentioned, you should probably contact Samplitude directly to get an in depth list of what it can (or can't do), as well as confirmation on discounted upgrading, if you choose to step up to one of the pro versions.

More info here: