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lopsided mixes? My ^±*&%$ specialty!

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OK! :(

Since moving over to a DAW the ability to automate click track volume has been great, I can turn it down for a breakdown, just enough not to screw up cymbal decay.. and back up again AND STORE THE MOVE! (ah the relief!) Ditto singers headphone mixes. . dangerous - bleed nightmares can be 'dipped' via the DAWs aux send automation. (do-able on digital desks too no doubt!) Ashley I suppose you could record a click track volume 'performance to a track on 2", never thought of that. . )

Anyhow, having bought a dandy pair of cans (seheiser HD580's - half price & the same pair my best client engineer uses) I guess I BETTER %$$*((£(&@^£ USE THE SUCKERS, :(




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drumsound Sun, 03/31/2002 - 20:35
To all lopsided mixers:

There are a ton of lopsided mixes out there. The ROMP mix from Mixerman is not perfectly symmetrical. I'm listening to Bill Frisell's "gone, just like a train" right now and the guitar is mostly left with the effects, which are much softer in lever slightly left. It sounds cool.

Many of my mixes come out lopsided, but the mix works so...I say go with your gut and with what sounds good to you and the client.

Also walk around the studio, or the house if you take mixes home, and see how they do. If they still sound cool, leave it.

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MadMoose Wed, 04/03/2002 - 07:34
I've done a few lopsided mixes. I don't worry about it too much if it sounds good. I've done a few other dumb things though. About a month ago I was mixing stuff at a friends studio and I had a compressor in the main insert. When I came back the next day they had everything powered up for me, I put the reel up and made some changes to the previous nights mix and printed it. Then I normalled out the EQ's, started the next song and realized that they pulled my patch to the 2-bus compressor. Oh well.

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Guest Wed, 04/03/2002 - 18:11
Then there was the time when I mixed a whole song, thinking - what great natural ambience on these tracks! I didn't have to use one speck of reverb anywhere on the mix... and then I finally noticed that I had a stereo reverb inserted into the 2-bus (at about 5% wet). But you know what - the mix sounded so good I left it alone. :p