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MASTERING : redbook software (PC/mac)

Hello everyone,

Here is the thing:
I am currently working on Digital Performer I work essentialy on mac.
Also, I do my audio mastering thing on it, with Ozone3.
I get satisfaction with it.

Now, I just need a tool to get the files being tracked and with ISRC and Redbook/PQs story...

I've tried the CD architect by Sony, but on PC only.
The software give me what I want: tracking, and info stuffs(ISRC, redbook...)

But maybe, there is a better thing on mac.
Something that could help me a little more with spectrum analysis and other tools.

What do you think about Bias Peak Pro 5? Bias Peak 5 LE?
What do you think baout CD architect?

I'm very new to this part of the process (ISRC, redbook).

Thanks for you further replies and help.




Reggie Mon, 10/30/2006 - 07:09
If you need something on Mac, look up Sonic Sounblade. I'm not sure if it is out yet, but it is probably what you are looking for. Or PremasterCD is cheaper and might work for you. I use CD Architect; and I have used Peak, but I don't really even remember what kind of CD burning features Peak had.