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Hi everyone,

can anyone tell me what are the best uses for this piece of gear? It's a solid state mic/line-pre with limiter from the 70ies.
From what I've heard, it's supposed to be a killer on guitar cabinets and bass. Any experiences? Recommendations on setting it up?

a friend abroad would sell it to me quite cheap ($350.00).
thanks in advance for your opinions.


here's a pic:


faganking Wed, 03/13/2002 - 06:47

I have two of these. On the right track (tempo, feel etc.) they're great on Bass. But the real fun is on 'Drum Overheads'. The fast attack is:10 microseconds attack and 0.8 seconds release. The slow attack is:33 microseconds attack with 2.8 seconds release. On the slow setting it kind of *flips out* on the drums with such a fast attack and slow release. They start sounding backwards, etc. Great to use as a mult and slip under the uncompressed drums. REALLY cool! Also the price you quoted is exactly right.

anonymous Mon, 01/31/2005 - 04:18

Hi, I've got a 1612a in my workshop at the moment.
I've never used one before, so can anyone tell me if both channels are supposed to work at the same time or if one over-rides the other?
(in other words is this unit fine or should I attempt to "repair" it?)

Thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate any help anyoneone could give me,

Technical Engineer
Olympic Studios

Fruition2k Mon, 01/31/2005 - 07:47

I bought one used about 7 years ago for $ prefect shape, had a strange release curve to it I didnt care for. After a few months sold it for about the same price. These Altecs are usually found from commerical sound systems installs, always left on and I'm sure not well maintained.

As for repairs...
I did remember seeing a chip inside as well, under a aluminum heat sink about dead center of the unit. Dont remember what it was or its function.

For $350, there are quite a bit better sounding and flexible compressors out there not to mention the need for future repairs when they show up.

Best of luck,