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Warm Audio WA-67 R2 opinions?

Hi !

Here I am again, still searching for the next buy (Dawm GAS)

I'm sure not many bought this mic since it's fairly new on the market but I still want your opinion on it.
Until now I own many mics but this could be my first tube mic.
Another option is the WA-87 (fet), but since I have a S87 from mic parts, I'm trying to figure out how different sounding the WA-67 is.
People usually think tube gear are more colored but I know that many are very clean, but this 67 also have a Lundahl transformer.

Uptown Funk Mix/Video - Opinions? :)

Hey guys!

Long time no speak. I've been busy. Anyway myself and my band Furian did this for a laugh whilst we are getting on with album things. Just wondering what you thought of this both mix wise and generally. It was only a bit of fun as I'm sure you will tell from the video and I rewrote the track to be a little different. I have very much gone for a motown laid back bass in the verse instead of a prominent thick one just for laughs but other than that, fire away. Hope you enjoy it and if not then well.. let me know why!

Best wishes,

Hope you're all well!

Drum Mic opinions

Hello, I am looking for recommendations/opinions on drum mics. I currently have two AT2020s for overheads and an SM57 for the snare. I will be buying two MD421s for my toms. (I use a 4 piece drum kit.) I am leaning towards the E602 for the kick, but want to know if there are any other recommendations. The D112 sounds too thin and boxy for me, the D6 is way too hyped and the Beta 52 is too woofy. Thanks for the help in advance!

The Prisoner - Opinions

Hey Guys,

There are so many experienced people here it would be a shame not to take advantage of the knowledge. This seems like a great opportunity for some feedback.

What do you guys think of this track?

I know it isn't a "song for radio", but that wasn't my intention when I wrote and recorded it. This would be more of a deep album cut. I was looking at going for a mood/theme, and trying to re-enforce it through instrumentation, performance and production. Here it is:

Sennheiser HD380 opinions

Hi all. I'm looking around here to find the collective expertise with headphones for home recording. I've just bought a pair of Sennheiser HD380 cans and I'd like to find out what folks here say about them.

What I want is twofold. First, I still don't own near-field monitors (!) so for a while I'll be using these phones to mix. I hear they reference well, so that led me to them. Second, I plan to use them when tracking vocals, so I'm attracted by those who've said that the HD380s don't bleed much.

Anyway, where do I look for all this sage insight? Many thanks.