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Any word on these compared to the later models?

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Sebatron Mon, 07/12/2004 - 01:14

If you try real hard do you think you might remember how long ago you made them?

It was definately before my accident ,, and the ' Great Sebatron Laboratory Fire of 2001 '.
I'd say it is 1998 to 2000 vintage.
All my records were burnt in that fire ,, i lost a lot of circuit diagrams.

How similar do they sound to what you were making a year ago?

They're still part of the same Family ( species ) ,, so the tones would be fairly similar.
Issues like Headroom , Noisefloor and maximum output are how the newer ones outperform the old.
It's more of a power issue rather than tonal.

Mind you , it's just like a car....
The new ones can go up to 200 km per hour..... the old ones maybe 160 km per hour......

But who ever drives over 140 km per hour..? :arrow: 8)


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