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A question about the main ST fader of a digital mixer

Hello Everyone,

Good to be back posting here after a long time. Would love your insights on this.

Recently I mixed a couple of tracks and even started casual listening by keeping the main ST fader on my digital mixer (Yamaha n12) at -6 db instead of 0 db, and observed that its much more enjoyable.

So I have started mixing by keeping the ST fader at -6 db, because its much more comfortable to analyse and pay attention to dynamics, which is a big part of mixing. And keep the fader at 0 db for mastering so to get true reading on my meters, analyzers and a true picture of what the loudness will be on other systems.

And when it comes to monitor level, I put it up while mixing at -6 db if needed, and put it down while mastering at 0 db. (This is partly because my room isn't very ideal and causes reflections.)

Even though I observed my output to be better and much more satisfactory (and can mix for an extra hour before my ears get tired), I would love to get opinions on whether this is a good approach to stick to?
As in, will I overlook something, or miss out on something or run into problems by keeping different ST fader levels for mixing and mastering? Or by mixing at -6 db?

Thanks all. Great to be here. :)