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Silence Case, Isoraxx or quiet pc?

I'm moving into a condo I just bought (yay!), and am trying to figure out what is going to happen to my home recording rig.

However, there's a problem - the neighbourhood is too loud for me to just to record in the room, as I have been able to at my old place. It's just the odd car going by, and wouldn't be an issue when tracking and mixing, but it would easily ruin a musical performance.

There is a sizeable walk in closet, that will make a great vocal/iso booth once I've treated the walls. Nice high ceilings, so it won't get stuffy, and big enough for several seated people, at a pinch. Since 90% of the music I work on at home is electric or electronic in nature, this would be a fine for the other stuff.

The problem with this set up, is that it leaves me with no place to put my stack of computers. In the past, they have always taken over the walk-in closet, and, since the neighbourhoods have always been so quiet, I had no problem recording in the tracking room.

I figure I have two options:

1. Buy an isoraxx, or silence case, and stuff all the computers in it.

2. Buy a fanless small form factor pc or a laptop, and use it for recording. Place all the noisy pcs in the closet, and render down everything on them (synths/effects/previous sesssions) before a recording session. When the closet/booth is no longer in use, power up the noisy rig for editing, writing and production.

So, what do you think? And, does anyone have any experience comparing these two tools?

Isoraxx -
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Silence Case
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