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I am a pretty novice mixer and at this point I am just a bit at a loss as to what I need to focus on to get this track done. Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Paul999 Fri, 02/26/2021 - 06:38

I think Davedog is correct about cleaning up the reverb. The best way of getting a ton of reverb without it turning your mix into mud that I have found is to layer effects. I would send the vocal to an aux with a delay I would put a bit of modulation (like a chorus) on the delay and then add reverb to the delay instead of the original vocal. This way you get the benefit of the direct sound of the vocal and an "F/X" track that is pushed back in the mix but can be VERY wet. I hope that helps. I've been doing this technique for years. The new CLA plugin from waves does a similar thing.