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Your 2004 gear choice purchase

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19 years 9 months
Kurzweil Rumour or the Kurzweil Mangler...

Street price is $500 to $550;

The A/D D/A conversion is impressive. I like the reverbs on the Rumour as well.


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20 years 9 months

AudioGaff Tue, 12/30/2003 - 21:47
In no particular order...
Alesis HD24XR or a RADAR system if I'm willing to sell some of my other outboard gear.
Another great mic from either Soundeluxe, Brauner or Telefunken.
Another Manley Massive Passive.
API 2500 Compressor
The new dual UA 1176 unit.

Left overs I didn't get from last years list...
Pair of Distressors with Brit and stereo mods.
D.W Fearn VT-2.
Another UA LA2A.

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21 years 2 months

Guest Wed, 12/31/2003 - 06:40

2004 will be:
Benchmark DAC-1,
Stephen Paul mic,
More MD 412's (at least 2, maybe 3), and a 441,
Royer 121 (maybe)
Mic stands, and cables...these things have just been walking away from me!

Most of all I just want to finish my DIY projects...(1176, SSL Quad comp w/ servos, API 312's, LA2a and 1081...bloody hell that's a whole lot on the go at one time)!