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Allen & Heath is a company based in Penryn, Cornwall, England, specialising in the manufacture of audio mixing consoles. Allen & Heath also makes sound management systems for industrial installations and DJ mixers for nightclubs. Allen & Heath is now part of Audiotonix.

Allen & Heath GL4000, or?

I need a small board for my home studio, I'm not using microphones, just synths and outboard.
These are the basics:
8 auxes (the more the better, the GL 4000 has 10 and I love this!)
at least 4 groups
at least 20 channels
good preamps
good metering is welcome
budget is 1500 Euro max
The GL4000 looks like the best option after looking at Ramsa, Soundcraft, Mackie and Midas.
I found it used from the original buyer, conditions are 10/10, it's just very heavy and big.

Hybrid summing with analog mixer

I recently read this thread this guy is explaining how he uses his daw as a console and his analog mixer for summing:



It is the exact method that a lot of pros are doing now and I have always mixed in the box and don't know about hardware and wiring a whole lot so I am a bit of a noob on that, but I still wanted to give this mixing method a shot.

FX Bleed on A&H ZED10FX?

Please see and hear the attached files. I'm recording a guitar direct. The guitar channel is panned full right, so I expect to see/hear nothing happening on the left channel (the left channel has a backing track that comes in after the solo) But during the solo, what is the audio being heard? Does it have anything to do with the ZED's built in Reverb I'm using on the guitar? If so, how do I stop this from happening? Thank you in advance for any help, it's driving me crazy...

A&H SQ6 Digital Console - New

I saw this advertised in this month's issue of Pro Sound, and thought I would post a link to info on the new A&H digital console; @boswell I know you're a fan of A&H...
This seems to be a pretty remarkable deal for under $3500 ( (US)...
96k, 48 input channels, 36 Busses, 24 mic preamps, 25 motorized faders, (presumably the 25th is for the Master Bus).
Anyway, just thought I'd post the link to the details in case anyone is interested. :)

A&H Zed 14 for summing mixer.

Hey all,

After tons of planning and meetings I've got my new setup pretty well defined both for the immediate and long term.

I'm interested in an economical way to experiment w summing. The setup will be RME babyface pro for main tracking/monitoring adda, and capture ad, and the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as the multi-channel playback to feed the summing mixer, and any sort of surround speakers.

A&H fader AI8117 verses ALPS RSA0N11S9A0K

I'm trying to replace a broken mono slider on my A&H wz3 16.2 and Mouser sells the ALPS RSA0N11S9A0K which seems to be identicle to the AH AI8117. I could order the AH model number through dealers like Full Compass or Spectrum but, at the risk of sounding too frugal, I really prefer to purchase from Mouser as I may decide to replace many and could save a bundle through them.
Are they the same or does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? Thanks!

Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital mixer

New mixer announcement from A+H: the Qu-16. This looks as if it's their answer to the PreSonus SL series, and it seems to have some advantages: 16 buses, motorized faders, recallable gains on the preamps , direct multi-track recording to USB memory stick or USB hard drive, dSnake and ME Personal Mixing compatibility.

I haven't seen any pricing information as yet.

Allen & Heath ZED R16 transport and MIDI buttons remain permanently illuminated.

Hi...This is my first post here so I hope I've listed this ? in the right place..?
OK..Just got a A&H ZED R16 board which I run with PreSonus Studio One 2. I have set everything up and mapped all my midi functions to the DAW and all works well, my question is, on the A&H from the moment I turn the board on ALL of the transport buttons as well as the bank and shift keys are all lit up all of the time?..Is this normal?, Like I said it all works fine but I would think the transport buttons should only light up when they are pressed?.. And not on(lit up) ALL the time.



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